Barbara Droubay – Life Artists

Barbara Droubay is a lecturer, coach and leader of group trainings in “creative confidence”.

For many years she worked mainly with visual art – as a painter and conceptual artist focused on perception.

Later she started exploring and learning different forms of somatic methodologies – among others Cranial Osteopathy, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapies, Tantric and Shamanic practices.

She also worked for many years as a practitioner and trainer within the Grinberg Method.

In the last years she has brought together her experiences and knowledge from different fields, creating her own methodology for empowering people in connecting to their creative energy.

She is the founder of the “Life Artist” community, and regularly gives courses, lectures and workshops, where she brings together body and mind in an extremely powerful way – beautifully expressed on her website as: “sharing the pleasure and power of using our physicality to embody and manifest our full creative potential”.

She teaches and works with creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs towards reaching their creative aims effectively and with greater pleasure – to activate and engage their inborn creative drive.

Barbara is teaching in several different places and contexts, but has the main base for her work in Berlin.

More information about her work as well as her powerful Vlog-trainings can be found on her website:

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